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  • High Pressure Jetting Across Pitsea

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Blocked Drains in Pitsea

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Drain Specialists

Essex drainage offer a fixed price of £85 to clear Your domestic blocked drain and £95 for commercial blocked drain clearance with no call out charges we offer a Speedy, professional solution for all your drainage Problems in pitsea.

based locally and can respond to Your emergency blocked drains in pitsea fast. call us now! call 01702 911309 free estimate for any work any job no matter how large or small, from a blocked drain to renovation and replacement, we clear blocked drains in pitsea, including unblocking drains in pitsea.

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Drain Cleaning in Pitsea

The everyday things that end up in our drains, such as fats, hair, mud and other substances, can start to build up in the infrastructure of our drainage systems.

Roots from trees can wheedle their way into your pipework, and scale from your water supply can accumulate on the inside of the pipes. all these things can, over time, start to block the escape of the water, leading to slow flowing sinks, bad smells and floods.

Experiencing a blocked drain in pitsea Can feel like the worst thing in the world, don’t panic, we will unblock it and get you back in the flow in no time!

Blocked Toilet in Pitsea

Essex drainage Blocked toilets unblocked

Discovering you’ve got a blocked toilet is always a most unwelcome surprise. If, like so many of us, you aren’t privileged to live in a home with two or three Loos, then you’ll need this problem remedied fast.

Even if you do have other ‘facilities’ to use, a blocked toilet is unhygienic and should be sorted out as soon as Possible.

here at essex drainage, we specialise in clearing blocked pipework both inside and outside the home. whether the block is in your U bend or way off down the garden, we’ll find It, fix it and have you up and running again in no time.

with 25 years’ experience and all the latest tools and training, including cctv surveying and high pressure jetting, pitsea drainage are your number one choice for fixing a blocked drain or unblocking a toilet or pipework talk to us today

About sorting out your blocked toilet, cleaning your pipes or cleaning your gutters or any other problems with your drainage System.

Call us on 01702 911309 and we will be happy to help.


What We Do

Blocked Toilets, Blocked Bath and Traps, Blocked Drains, Blocked Sink Waste, Drain Cleaning, Blocked Pipes, Drain Repairs, Blocked soil stack, Drain Clearance including sewer pipes, gullys, soakaways, CCTV Drain Surveys, Emergency Drainage, Blocked commercial drains, Drainage clearance, Blocked domestic drain.

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Drain unblocking in Pitsea

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We understand that a blockage in your drains can be a real nightmare, If your home or garden is flooding, or your business has had to close early, it can feel like a major disaster.

But panic not, because we’re here to help! With over 25 years’ experience in dealing with both internal and external drainage, our team are on hand to respond quickly to your emergency.

using the latest techniques and tools, we’ll identify the cause of the problem quickly and will work fast to remedy the issue. We’ll employ techniques such as high pressure jetting, of your pipework to ensure we’ve not only solved the problem today, but prevented it from happening tomorrow too.

Why do drains get blocked?

Blocked drains are a real problem. If you’ve experienced this type of nuisance, then you’ll agree that the frustration and potential damage is a most unwelcome occurrence.

Homes and businesses are just as prone to blocked drains as one another, although there are some factors which can make you more at risk of needing your drainage unblocking in your property.

here are a few of the most common reasons we’re called to undertake clearing of blocked drains, things that shouldn’t be there objects like food, jewellery, kids toys and even bars of soap can sometimes find their way into the pipework under your home or business.

That's why our drain unblocking specialists in pitsea will take care off it. blocked drains, drain unblocker, blocked toilet, emegencey drainage, drain cleaning, drain clearance, drain blockages, drain unblocking, unblock drains.

CCTV Drain surveys

essex drainage CCTV drain surveys image

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to drainage is that most the problems are located in hard to reach places.

whether its your internal drain systems, hiding under the floorboards of your home or business, or external problems which could be anywhere between your building and the road, finding and assessing the nature of the issue is the first step in effectively remedying the situation.

Thats where our state of the art cctv drain survey comes into play. using remotely operated, specialist camera systems we can effectively take a walk through your Pipework to see where the problem has occurred.

our drain inspection cameras send their images to a unit in our van, where our technician will be able to assess your drainage system for condition and integrity, as well as searching for issues.

The major benefit of our cctv drain services is that there is no disruption or damage to your property or local environment, no digging will take place, its quick and effective and the whole process is quiet and discreet,If you are experiencing drains becoming blocked frequently, or are struggling with smells or leaks from your drains, our cctv drain survey can help get to the heart of the problem.

Essex Drainage Customer Service

Here at Essex Drainage we take our customer service very seriously, so seriously we think that other businesses should follow our lead.We take our customer service as serious as our blocked drain work and think that customer service is more than just a term used by companies to avoid answering difficult questions in length.

We feel that customer service is about making sure a customer using your business has the most painless experience possible and is always able to contact you and talk about something while youre attending their job.

Over the 25 years of business weve seen many businesses start up and fail due to the fact they did not know how to treat their customers. As previously stated customer service to us is that ability to have an open dialogue.

Most of the time people aren’t even aware that they have a problem until it’s too late. Food and excess fats that go down your kitchen sink are likely to block your kitchen drainage system.

Hair that you don’t clear out from your bath or shower room are likely to blocked your bathroom drainage system.dirt and waste materials that you fail to clean off your clothes before placing them in the washing machine are likely to put a strain on your drain and sewer systems.

While we understand that the stresses of everyday life can cause us to neglect the health of our drains, it should not be this way and our local blocked drain team are here to help you.

As drainage problems can strike at any point in time, an efficient remedy needs to be available at any time.

By focusing on delivering excellent customer service, our team of professional drainage engineers have perfected delivering efficient service at a reasonable price fixed price, no matter what time of day you end up calling one of our friendly drainage engineers.

You need not worry anymore when you think it’s too late to give us a call, our satisfaction comes from ensuring your property is safe, habitable and your drain and sewer systems are working as they were intended.

Therefore, rest assured that our friendly local professional drainage engineers are always happy to take your call and ensure the safety of your property as quickly as possible.

As you know, our drainage team in Essex is always happy to provide free advice for proper maintenance of your drains in Essex, no matter the time of day or night!

So if you need round the clock drain cleaning services, you should make your local blocked drain specialists Essex Drainage your first point of call. With quick response times and efficient remedies, why would you go anywhere else?

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What Our Customers Say

I had a problem with my main drain blocked and overflowing.

I rang Essex Drainage and the friendly gentleman arranged to be at my property within a couple of hours.

True to his word he arrived promptly and saw the blockage.

The blockage was quickly cleared.from the first drain, however there was a secondary issue.

A garden shrub next to a second drain cover on my property, the roots had broken through covering the whole inside of the chamber which was also blocking the water and sewage.

Before commencing work he explained this would encure an additional charge, which was very reasonable for the amount of root that required cutting out (A whole recycle bins worth).

Once all the root was removed from the drain he jet washed all the waste pipes through to clear any further obstructions I was very pleased, with the work done and a reasonable price Professional job.- paul w


Absolutely spot on. Superb efficient service. Exceeded expectations. Many thanks- K Nikolla ★★★★★

Highly Recommended. Chris was onsite only a couple of hours after calling and he quickly cleared my blocked drain without any hassle for a fair price.- Jason McKenzie ★★★★★

Fab company, great guy really friendly watching the pipe cleaning was ace. Great price, Thoroughly recommended, will use again. Thank you.- elaine silvester.


Chap arrived within 1 hour of phone call. A serious blocked drain was cleared with good humour and at a good price. Highly recommended.- James Pratt ★★★★★

after finding a 30yr old foot long chisel stuck down my soil stack and countless call outs with other expensive drainage companies

Chris soon came to the rescue, with his Camera in hand Chris diagnosed the problem and quickly intuitively resolved very quickly,

and all for a fraction of the cost and hassle other rip off merchant where quoting,

i would 100% recommend Chris for any drainage issue and would defo use him again.- Robert Clayton.